Henry Steinway (born Heinrich Steinweg in 1797, in what would later be central Germany) immigrated to New York City with his wife and children in 1850. Within a few years he was engaged in building pianos under the name Steinway Sons and the company took off.

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But the arrangement was still tentative, and proved vulnerable to second guessing by at least one of the banks in the group. When rumours of an NHL lockout surfaced, a member of the proposed new syndicate dropped out. Executive editor Bill Keller heaped as much praise on entries that didn’t win prizes as the ones that did, including David Rohde’s first person account of escaping seven months of Taliban captivity in Afghanistan and Pakistan. ”I was a little surprised” Rohde’s entry didn’t win, Keller said, ”because it cheap jerseys china seemed to have won just about everything else.” He added: ”I don’t think that it’s winning prizes because he lost seven months of his life.

Down Under, we still use pencils to mark our ballot papers. That quirky in this day and age where pencils never appear near passport applications, bank deeds or other important documents. The only downside is that very few people in New York City in 1933 read that many newspapers that intently every day. So my sense is, when Clyde Burke met the other Shadow operatives (and probably Doc Savage’s boys) for a few cold ones at the Cobalt Club on ”Half price Wednesday,” he really couldn’t bust loose.

I’d say the Q qualifies for ”retina” status when viewed from a reasonable distance (for a desktop display) of 20 24″. That is, you’re not likely to be able to pick out individual pixels, and text takes on a ”printed” look with smoothly contoured edges.